The Diocese of Sapele was inaugurated on the 12th of January, 2009. we have every reason to celebrate the goodness of God; especially His grace to become what we are today.  We have not only experience unprecedented spiritual, numerical and material growth, but equally have justifiable and sustainable development within this short period of our existence as a Diocese.  The best way we could describe the rate of growth of this young Diocese is to come up with a Diocesan slogan “MOVING WITH THE SPEED OF GRACE”.  Indeed, a Diocese moving with the speed of grace.  And like the Psalmist put it, we say; “Not to us; but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness” (Psalm 115:1).
The Diocese took off with only three Archdeaconries, out of which only one is viable financially.  However, we took the step of faith and restructured the entire Diocese into 8 Archdeaconries and the Cathedral.  Today, we have a total of 13 Archdeaconries and the Cathedral, out of which 2 are missionary Archdeaconries.
In pursuance of our first vision that has something to do with raising Anglicans who are completely committed to result-oriented and pragmatic evangelism, we have successfully trained and commissioned well over several lay ministers made up of Evangelists, Layreaders and Missionaries.
The joint effort of the priests and these lay ministers has productively led to the planting of so many Churches with converts during our Mission Weeks.   We also operate through our Misions and Evangelism committee to reach more people both on land and riverine areas. We established Mission Trust Fund through which money is raised during Mission Weeks, and has gone a long way in assisting Churches to purchase pieces of land as well as raising temporary structure for worship.
One of our vision as a Diocese is to improve and sustain the spiritual growth of the Clergy and members through well organized Bible Studies and faith enhancing programmes.  Apart from individual Church Bible Studies and revival programmes, the Diocese has in place the following:
  1. “Showers in the Morning” – A prayer service which holds every first Saturdays at 5:30am throughout the Diocese.
  2. “Pentecost Alive” – An annual prayer conference which is organized by the Diocese during Pentecost Week.  The Diocesan Prayer Squad is the Coordinating body in charge of this programme.
  3. Diocesan All-Night Prayer Service for Clergy and their Wives, Diocesan Officials and Board members holds at least twice a year.
  4. School of Ministry for Clergy and Wives commonly called Clergy/Wives Retreat , and workers/wives Retreat on every December.
  5. School of Lay ministry for Layreaders, Catechists, Church Teachers, Evangelists and Missionaries.
The Women, under the leadership of their President, Mrs. C. T. Erifeta has taken commendable stand to take the women organization to an enviable height.
Our quest to carry the youth along has given birth to several youths programmes.  We now have a Youth Church that meet in the Cathedral every Sunday for services.
We owe God our continuous praise for all He has done for us as a Diocese.  We pray for more grace to be added unto us to do more exploit for Him.  Shalom!


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